About us

We want out!

We are ThermoHands! We are a young, dynamic team made up of normal people. We are men and women, parents and bachelors, sports freaks and connoisseurs - motivated through and through! Our passion, mission and common ground is nature, no matter what the weather. And yet we like it pleasantly warm and that doesn't have to be a contradiction in terms! the moment, our surprising success may mean we're a little more in the office and a little less out in the cold, but we all know what's important. We want you to feel good! Be it a leisurely walk or hardcore hiking. We all do our best and therefore only the best comes into question for us! We searched and tested for a long time to find products that really support our passion. And we found what we were looking for. That's exactly what we want to share with you.

Originally they were just amazing, warm and waterproof gloves. The hands are the center of any activity and nobody really needs cold hands. This is how our name ThermoHands came about. But we didn't expect so much great feedback from our unique customers! These have encouraged us to gradually round off our range. And so our project is constantly growing and thriving, thanks to you!

So put on your winter clothes, we'll take you out into the fresh air!